USER VOICE: Thomas Carving Wins with ECHO saws

Harry Thomas, owner of Thomas Carving has been using ECHO chainsaws for a number of years. Having been in the carving industry for some time, Harry wanted equipment his business can rely on when producing his carvings.

“The ECHO CS-281WES makes an excellent detail saw which is something you need when you are carving sculptures out of wood. This saw is excellent; we have found it to be a lot longer lasting than competitor equivalents. When you’re carving, you need a saw that is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre whilst being able to create detail and definition. With the CS-281WES, I can use it for long periods of time without feeling fatigued which is essential to my profession!

We’re lucky to have a great local ECHO dealer near us, Tom’s Mowers who has lent us a range of ECHO saws to demo. We were very impressed with the CS-620SX, this chainsaw is heavy-duty and ideal for cutting very large pieces of wood, which was a necessity in cutting the wood needed for the 4-foot bear! We will definitely be getting one when we upgrade. We found the power to weight ratio really good for us. Tom’s Mowers also got us a CS-4510ES, we fitted a 16” 0.50-gauge cannon quarter tip carving bar, running a 3/8 low profile chain. This is a fantastic combination for a mid-range carving saw because its smooth, powerful and lightweight.

Thomas Carving also runs a Timber Sports Show, where we carved a 4-foot bear in 20mins or less and had a race between competitor brands and the ECHO-620SX. We had some excellent coverage of this in the local press. Click here to view a trailer of the Thomas Carving Timber Show carving the 4-foot bear using the ECHO saws.

My son Danny and I have both won the English Open Chainsaw Carving competition using several different ECHO saws. They really are our go to saws and we would be happy using the ECHO range exclusively as we find them very comprehensive and ticks all the boxes in terms of delivering excellence in the carving profession. The fact that ECHO offers a two-year professional warranty says it all. If you are a chainsaw carver, professionally or for fun, I’d definitely recommend a saw from ECHO.”

You can find out more about ECHO outdoor tools from your local authorised ECHO dealer, by visiting or calling 0800 597 7777 for more information.