Ethan Royall, Arborist at Royall Tree Services has been working in the arboricultural industry for over 5 years. Ethan recognises the importance of having a reliable tool kit to enable him to get the results he needs to ensure work efficiencies. Spending the bulk of his day tree felling and hedge trimming, often at height he needs tools that can take the pressure from the demanding conditions he works in. After using a range of different climbing saws from various manufacturers he was recommended the ECHO CS-360TES top handle chainsaw and the ECHO PPT-265ES telescopic power pruner and hasn’t looked back.

“I hadn’t heard of ECHO until fairly recently when I was recommended top handle chainsaws from the ECHO range. I spend a lot of my time scaling trees and therefore wanted a saw that was light-weight, powerful and durable. The ECHO CS-360TES was a natural choice as it ticked all the boxes, for a compact machine it had so much power behind it. This chainsaw is lightweight when moving within the tree and also when in use which enables me to work more efficiently as I’m not fatigued.

After the success of the ECHO CS-360TES, I bought the ECHO PPT-265ES power pruner with telescopic shaft as a lot of the hedges I cut are high and as this pruner has a particularly long reach it has got me out of most sticky situations. After owning standard long arm trimmers and ladders to reach high hedges it becomes tiring when climbing up and down all day. ECHO’s telescopic pruner can reach up to 20ft which saves me so much time and aggravation moving ladders, which is half the effort. I can’t recommend these enough, they’re a great tool to have and it also comes with a chainsaw attachment which I often use when pruning low branches from trees.

As a small business owner, I need tools and service that I can rely on and the two-year professional warranty that ECHO provides gives me added peace of mind.  I’m looking forward to seeing what new ECHO products are coming out next year!”

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