Greg Francis, owner of Greg’s Gardening Services has been an advocate of ECHO power tools since 2014 when his local garden machinery firm recommended them to him. Having worked in the garden maintenance industry for over 7 years providing a diverse range of gardening services to his clients he wanted products that were reliable and would consistently deliver excellent results. Greg’s first experience of ECHO was replacing his existing power blower for the PB-770, a backpack power blower that would deliver superior performance and reliability yet also offering high levels of comfort as he would be using it for several hours at a time.

“I got my first ECHO, the PB-770 backpack blower in 2014, after my local dealer told me about it as I wanted a blower that ticked all the boxes – deliver high levels of performance and comfort. Four years on and the blower is still going strong, I have since bought another, just because they are brilliant. I have had no problems with either of the blowers despite me using them for prolonged periods of time.

In my opinion the PB-770 is the best backpack blower on the market today, very comfortable and packs a huge amount of power. I have used the competitor’s blowers before buying this one, and they don’t come close to this ECHO blower.

I have since bought other ECHO power tools and can safely say the quality and performance is always there, the products are always incredibly easy to start!  As someone who runs a diverse gardening business and who takes pride in delivering excellent customer service to my clients, I need a range of tools that can achieve results first time. I can definitely achieve this with a power tool from ECHO, I can’t recommend them enough!”

To find out more about the PB-770 and why the professionals use it, visit our dedicated product page.