Why buy from an ECHO dealer rather than online?

Online purchasing is rising rapidly, but should you buy your outdoor power equipment online or from a dealer? Emyr Jenkins, Managing Director of family business Jenkins Garden Machinery (JGM) in South Wales, discusses why buying online is not always the cheaper option in the latest edition of the ECHO blog.

Emyr has been an ECHO dealer for over ten years and he discusses why buy from an ECHO dealer rather than online. Buying online isn’t always cheaper in the long run…

“There’s often an assumption that buying online is cheaper but this isn’t necessarily the case. There are so many advantages to buying from your local dealer that the long-term value often works cheaper than buying online. First of all when you purchase from a dealer, they will build, PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) and test your machine using their resources. They will hand the machine over to you and you will have complete confidence that the machine is ready to go to your first job.  When you buy online you receive it in a box, and you’re expected to get it work-ready using your own time and resources.

Buying from an ECHO dealer rather than online, often gets you priority service on any breakdowns. This is critical, should anything unexpected happen with your machinery. Downtime costs you money, so being able to get your machine looked at asap, and in some instances being able to borrow equipment to get you up and running whilst your machine is repaired is a god send.

Your local dealer is also very knowledgeable when it comes to sourcing the right product for you. Buying online puts the ownership of buying the right product on you – when in reality there may be a better product or solution to meet your needs. Expert ECHO knowledge is what an ECHO dealer offers and based on your requirements, they will help you pick the right product to meet your needs. ECHO dealers pride itself on delivering excellent personalised one-to-one service as no two customers are the same.

JGM, like many other ECHO dealers priortise warranty work –  again this could save you money in the long-run. ECHO offer an industry-leading warranty including 5-year domestic or 2-year professional warranty on all their two-stroke or 50v battery tools”.

So why you should you buy from an ECHO dealer rather than online?

Visit your local dealer to find out more about:

Personalised one to one service
Expert ECHO product knowledge
Priority servicing and warranty
Machinery demonstrations
Access to ECHO spare parts
2 year commercial or 5-year domestic warranty on all 2-stroke and 50v battery products