User Voice: Unboxing the CS-4510ES chainsaw

Ian Williams, owner of Ian Williams Chainsaw Carving documents his experience using the new CS-4510ES  for carving in the latest edition of the ECHO blog.

“As a professional chainsaw carver, I need a range of saws to carry out my carvings. I was looking for a mid-power range chainsaw to run an 18 ins bar which I could use to replace my current blocking out saw. As an avid user of ECHO saws, I was keen to see what other saws they had in their range that could achieve what I needed from a blocking out saw.

I already use the ECHO CS-281WES and CS-361WES with carving bars and these saws are bullet proof, very reliable and light which results in a easy to use saw.

Based on my experience with these two saws I decided to try the CS-4510ES which has 45cc mid-range sized engine which is aimed at the professional user. I have been using the saw for the last two weeks and found it to be everything and more than I expected. The saw has more than enough power for the 18 ins bar currently fitted and it cuts with ease.

The saw starts easy with very little effort, something that is essential in my line of work. I have found the saw to be comfortable to use and light for a rear handled saw of this size. The tool less caps on the fuel and oil fillers are a great improvement and make refuelling easy.

From a maintenance perspective chain tensioning is straight forward with the side access adjuster. Cleaning the saw is helped by the dropout prevention nuts preventing them from becoming lost and the fins on the engine casing holding the debris for ease of removal.

I run the saw on Aspen fuel and will be using the saw fuel combination throughout this year carving at my yard and also at shows and competitions. So far, the saw suits my needs for blocking out and I will be trying it out with a couple of different length guide bars over the coming weeks”.

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