User Voice: Manuel Rico – Spain

Manuel Rico, a professional gardener from Spain shares his opinions of the ECHO multi-tool and how it’s such an important tool in his toolkit in the latest issue of the ECHO blog.

“As a professional gardener who cuts a lot of hedges, I frequently use the ECHO multi-tool with the hedgecutter attachment. This attachment is excellent as it can be used to cut all types of hedges. With the extension pole I am able to reach hedges of significant height and because this multitool is so light I can use it all day without feeling fatigued. Even using it at height is comfortable which is brilliant for me. I bought this tool 15 years ago and it’s still going strong. In the 15 years I have owned it, it has never given me any issues and still works very well.

What I love most about this ECHO multi-tool is the adjustable blade angle, it allows me to cut hedges from all different positions which is very advantageous considering there are often obstacles in my way.

The multi-tool is very reliable, starting almost instantly whenever I use this. As a professional gardener I need tools I can rely on and not only is this ECHO multi-tool extremely reliable starting from the first pull but being a multi-tool, I use it for other gardening jobs too. It’s also great to use the power pruner attachment to easily prune any high branches. By having multiple attachments, it unifies all the gardening tasks I undertake within a single machine.

Here’s to the next 15 years and if for whatever reason I need to buy a replacement product I will definitely be having another ECHO!”

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