User Voice: Joshua Beale

Joshua Beale, owner of Watwood Mowing & Gardening Services, Birmingham mentioned his extremely positive experience with his first ECHO tools product on instagram a few months ago, so of course we wanted to hear from him. Having been in the industry since he left school, over 5 years ago and a big fan of a competitor brand, we were curious to know what made him try another brand.

“Being a grounds maintenance and residential gardening company based in the west midlands area, we use heavy equipment on a daily basis. I need to make sure we are using the best of the best equipment, to make our job easier and to keep us working day in day out.

Being a life long user of a competitor brand, I was unsure whether to stick to with them or try out other suppliers’ products. After having a few issues with some of their equipment and being in need of a new strimmer, I had a look around and thought I would give ECHO a shot. I had a lot of other professional gardeners recommend their products to me and stated that they had started moving from other brands to ECHO and said I would not be disappointed with ECHO.

So, I decided to make the purchase of an ECHO SRM-222ES straight shaft strimmer. As soon as the strimmer arrived, I could not wait to get it out and set it up. After setting it up which was a very easy process, I put some 2 stroke mix in it and fired it up in the garden. First impressions were great, it seemed much lighter than my old machine and the one thing I noticed was how easy it was to pull and start up.

The day after, I used it for the first time on one of my regular ground maintenance contracts. When mowing we use professional roller mowers, so we only strim the edges of paths and flower beds and the bits the mower can’t get to. After finishing the mowing, I couldn’t wait to have ago with the machine. I got it started up from cold and it took seconds to fire up. It was was very easy and being a contractor, time is always key so having a machine that takes one or 2 pulls to start up is great. As soon as I had started strimming straight away I knew I had made the right decision.

After strimming a few paths and grass areas on the site, I now know why people recommend ECHO products so highly. After using the machine on the site, I can’t say enough how light weight this machine is – but it’s not compromising the power or build of the product. The power of the product is just right for general grounds maintenance and regular resident work. The build of the product is solid, the engine case seems very well built and looks like it would hold up if it was dropped. The strimmer head looks like it would last longer than the ones on other machines I have used in the past.

I noticed after I had finished the work with the strimmer, I had no strain on my arms and no muscle aches. When using my old strimmer, I would ache after using it for a while. The strimming head was perfect for edging and the cord that came in the strimmer head is the best on the market, I have only used a different manufacturer’s cord in the past and I find when edging it goes so quick, but this cord is incredible. I didn’t even have to bump the head once to get more cord out as it lasted the whole job. I will definitely be looking into getting a big roll of ECHO’s blue diamond cut cord.

Overall, I would recommend this product to any ground’s maintenance or gardening company out there. If you’re someone like me, that wants to use class products that are light weight but not comprising on power, with good warranty and brilliant customer support, then this is the machine and company you want to go for. I will be looking at getting more ECHO products in the future, I will be looking into a long reach hedge cutter next”.

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