Top of the Tree with the CS-2511TES Top Handle Chainsaw

Weighing in at just 2.3kg (dry weight w/o bar and chain) the CS-2511TES is ECHO’s lightest and most compact saw to date. Thanks to the compact design, the CS-2511TES is ECHO CS-2511TES top handle chainsawhighly manoeuvrable and comfortable to use for long periods with little fatigue, making it suitable for the professional arborist.

It is the attention to detail in the design that sets this saw apart. The ECHO® engineers have taken the approach that user experience, and the environments they are working in, are crucial to the way the saw is designed. The engine produces 1.10kW to give the CS-2511TES a superior power-to-weight ratio.

The saw fits easily into the hand with its ergonomic contoured handle and patented palm rest for greater control and comfort. The controls are positioned logically and are easy to use, while the attention to detail that includes a swing-out lanyard ring enhances balance and makes climbing easier. There are narrow louvers in the body to prevent ingress of pine needles and debris penetration into the engine compartment.

Everything is made easy on this top handle saw. Wider tank openings enable easier oil and fuel filling and the oil adjuster is on top for easy access. The starter grip cord allows the operator to open the oil and fuel caps, even when wearing gloves, for easier maintenance. A dropout prevention nut is held on with a wire spring so it cannot be lost when the operator needs to maintain the chainsaw, even if they are at a great height.

These are all great benefits for the arborist, in the same way as they need maximum control of their chainsaw for working safely.  With its excellent balance and low weight, the CS-2511TES can be used throughout the day without undue fatigue. Add in the ECHO® durability and power in all weather conditions to tackle the toughest of jobs, together with effortless starting when working off-ground, and you can easily see why you can get the job done quicker. Such increased productivity and reduced downtime goes hand-in-hand with a two year professional warranty, and that’s ECHO® confidence in their machines.

Find out more about the ECHO® CS-2511TES top handle chainsaw from your local authorised ECHO® dealer.