User Voice: Jason Groom

As a Garden/Grounds contractor, we maintain the grass on hotel complexes. Due to the high pedestrian and vehicle traffic on these sites as well as lots of ground floor office and room windows, strimming and the potential for stones causing injury or damage is higher. We decided to purchase the ECHO PRS-230M scissor head blade to eliminate these potential incidents and damage caused by flying debris. As an operator working in these higher risk situations, peace of mind is critical as it enables us to focus on getting the job done.

So far, we are really pleased with the scissor head blade attachment. After the first initial time of using the attachment you do become more accustomed and efficient in using it. It is easy to use and I liked the fact there wasn’t any kick back from it.

Being able to use it in areas that previously we would have had to leave uncut due to vehicles being parked there has enabled us to deliver better results for our customers. The product matches up to its namesake as it cuts like a pair of scissors enabling us to snip the grassed area around parked cars etc so loose stones and debris don’t fly in the air, potentially causing damage or injury.

I’d seen videos of the Scissor blade but hadn’t got around to demoing or purchasing one. I’m really glad I have as it’s a godsend for the work I do. Anything to help reduce the risk of damage or injury in our line of work is a must. I will also be using it at customer properties that have green houses or other obstacles where a reduced risk of causing damage is required.

We purchased the Scissor blade head from an ECHO dealer, they were very helpful, informative and able to advise us appropriately. Very impressed so far!

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