58V battery powered Lawnmower

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Rated voltage51.1V (max 58V)
Run Time (with 4Ah battery)Up to 40 min (with one battery)

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ECHO’s LM-58V4AH is a lightweight, battery powered lawnmower. It offers outstanding cutting and collection performance, while also being capable of mulching.

The 58v system, using the latest Lithium-ion technology, provides high-density energy, compared to traditional heavier, less powerful battery technology. A professional grade maintenance-free brushless motor ensures long lasting performance.

The lawnmower comes with a 4Ah battery which offers extended run-times. The quick charger ensures the 4Ah battery is boosted to 100% in 60 mins. In addition, a second battery can be stored in an extra compartment. This is activated by a simple key system for convenience and minimal job disruption.

Features include a 53cm (21″) composite deck. A 3-position handle adjustment accommodates almost any user, while the 7-position wheel height adjusters make grass cutting height selection easy. The mower is supplied with a 60 litre grass bag and mulch plug.

Please Note: The LM-58V4AH is supplied with a 4Ah battery and charger when ‘reserving online’.

Download the LM-58V4AH info sheet


58V lithium ion 4Ah battery

Small and lightweight but with enough power to tackle tough jobs. Fits other ECHO 58V battery products.

Brushless motor

Long lasting and maintenance-free, due to non-wearing parts –Reduces downtime and servicing costs

53cm (21″) composite deck

Robust design, lightweight and maneuverable. Rust-free material

Dual battery compartments

Simple key system activates a second battery for maximum convenience and minimal disruption

3-position handle adjustment

Can be configured for maximum user comfort

7-position wheel height adjusters

Easily select multiple cutting heights

60 litre grass collection bag and mulch plug

Collection or mulching options give versatility

Vertical storage

Folds up vertically for easy storage

Quick charger

Quick charging time reduces downtime


ECHO 58V batteries come with a two year warranty


ECHO 58V battery products come with a two year domestic warranty or a one year warranty in professional use (registration of ECHO products and servicing are necessary to validate the warranty)

Additional information

Rated voltage

51.1V (max 58V)



Height of cut

19 to 100mm

Cutting height positions


Collection bag capacity

60 litres

Run Time (with 4Ah battery)

Up to 40 min (with one battery)

Charging Time (min)

60 mins


* Without cutting attachment and shield

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