PB-770 vs PB-8010: Do we have a winner?

Greg Francis, owner of Greg’s Lawnmowing in Surrey has been an avid fan of the ECHO backpack blowers for the last few years. Upon discussing his range of blowers with Robin Clevett, his video shows the top 2 blowers in ECHO’s backpack blower line up. The PB-77 & PB-8010 are put through their paces and tested in a variety of settings.

Greg says ” I have both blowers and often have people asking me which one is the best and how do you get the best from them. I decided to do a video to compare them and take it from there. The video goes through how to start the machines and Robin and I use them in a few different tasks and conclude which machine we would choose from a private owner point of view and a commercial gardener point of view.

See the full PB-770 vs PB-8010 video in action.

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