For over 70 years, ECHO has been designing and building high performance, commercial quality products. From humble beginnings in Japan with a simple hand-held crop duster, they have grown to become a technological leader and well-respected global brand.

Over the years, power equipment brands have come and gone, but ECHO has thrived.

Why? Primarily because of their commitment to quality and providing customers with the best products possible. All engines are designed to the same standard – commercial grade.


ECHO chainsaw



They cast and machine every engine in Japan where quality and consistency are closely controlled. And to gain manufacturing efficiencies, they assemble them at various factories around the world to the same exact standards.

With ECHO, you will always get a commercial grade engine and long-term value. Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, you can buy ECHO products with confidence.



Yes, you did read that right. You can have absolute confidence in our equipment. ECHO is designed to be durable and to do what you ask it, wherever you take it. Not only that, our products are built to the highest standards of quality and performance. Our warranty is our statement of confidence and our badge of honour. ECHO – world-class technology.

2-year warranty
*Registration of ECHO products and servicing are necessary to validate the warranty 58V Battery products have a 2-year professional warranty


Five years is a long time. Longer than you’ll get from most of the equipment you buy. That’s because we stand behind our products. We’ve been building equipment for professionals for over sixty years and that has given us an exceptional level of engineering and manufacturing expertise. As a home owner, you want long term dependability enjoyed by professionals, and a well built product that you can buy with confidence. 

 5-year warranty

 *Registration of ECHO products and servicing are necessary to validate the warranty 58V Battery products have a 2-year domestic warranty


50V Battery Warranty


58V Battery warranty