Battery power for garden and groundcare tools has been around for some time now. However, it’s only since the advent of powerful lithium-ion batteries that electric power could really become a serious contender against petrol two-stroke.

Now, a new generation of lithium-ion products has arrived and ECHO tools are at the forefront with their new range of 58 Volt battery products. This includes a battery hedgetrimmer, trimmer, lawn mower, power blower and chainsaw for semi-professional and domestic use.

When you consider the benefits of electric power, it’s easy to see why it has grown so quickly since lithium-ion batteries became commercial. The obvious features are batteries that produce the same power as petrol engined tools, with no exhaust emissions and without the need to store petrol and mix two-stroke. No effort is required to get started. You just charge and go, cutting, trimming, blowing leaves and mowing with virtually no noise or vibration.

Today’s 58V batteries are designed to give you more than enough power in constant use to carry out most tasks. The ECHO interchangeable battery system is available with two options, 2Ah and 4Ah. The hedgetrimmer, trimmer and power blower come with a standard 2Ah battery but if you’re looking for a longer run time you have the option of a 4Ah battery, and remember, you only need the one.

Recharging is fast with the quick charger, ensuring 30 minutes charging time for the 2Ah and 60 minutes for the 4Ah, and you can always buy a spare battery as a back-up if required. Buy the chainsaw or mower and they come with a 4Ah battery as standard, so you would have the benefit of the extra run time for other products you might need.

ECHO battery products are built to the same professional standards as all their products, so they are solid, durable and ergonomic. As there are no moving parts no engine servicing is required, which means there is another cost saving in addition to no longer needing to buy petrol.

ECHO 58V lithium-ion battery products come with a two-year domestic or one-year professional warranty and there is a two-year warranty on the batteries. You can find out more from your local authorised ECHO dealer or call 0800 597 7777 for more information.