Mike Jones: Review of the DCS-1600 battery chainsaw

ECHO Tools UK chatted to Mike Jones from Man and his Dog Carvings earlier this year when he showcased some of his excellent carvings. As a professional carver who’s keen to explore battery technology, Mike reviewed the DCS-1600 chainsaw for us to see if he could get what he needed from a battery powered chainsaw.

“My name is Mike Jones and I’ve been a professional chainsaw carver for roughly 5 years now and before this I started out as a tree surgeon at the age of sixteen. I’d like to say Thank you to ECHO Tools UK for giving me the chance to test out and review the 50v battery powered DCS-1600! I was thrilled to have this opportunity, and the chance to test out a brand new toy of course.

So let’s start at the basics, when I unboxed the DCS- 1600 you immediately notice how light weight and slim the body is, coming up at the same width as my CS-2511WES.

I like the fact that ECHO have kept the DCS-1600 original with standard bar nuts and chain tensioner on the side, none of this mechanical tightening business to go wrong.
The oil tank is completely clear and makes the oil easily visible – this is such a simple change but makes a hell of a difference. The filler cap also has a nice flick out handle set on top of it, which eliminates needing a tool for those sometimes sticky oil caps.

I put the 50v battery in and gave it a whirl, and honestly I was shocked at how much guts this thing had. It easily deals with cuts the same size as the 14 inch bar, and at all the weird angles us carvers put the saws through. The variable throttle is incredibly responsive eliminating (the all or nothing) stigma that come with some battery saws, making the DCS-1600 feel as close to a petrol saw as possible…. you even want to give it a little rev at the end of each cut!

I’ve been using it now for a couple of months on as many projects as I could and it still hasn’t disappointed me!

It’s easy to clean and maintain, especially around the battery slot which I found was a problem in other battery saws I’ve tried – ECHO  have left it partly exposed so there’s no hard to reach areas.
The oil usage is great easily outlasting a battery and not over oiling so you don’t have oil dripping out the side case and I actually quite like the fact you have to push the safety button to turn it on so it’s not always sat there live.

In conclusion I think the DCS-1600 is powerful and really well designed. you can tell that there has been a lot of thought about ease for the operator as there always is with ECHO products. The response and balance is as close as you’re going to get to the petrol equivalent and it was a pleasure to use”.


Are you a chainsaw carver looking to adopt battery technology? Find out more about the DCS-1600 at your local ECHO dealer.