User Voice – David Cobie

David Cobie, professional gardener from France reviews the ECHO HCR-185ES hedgecutter in the latest edition of the ECHO blog.

“I moved to France from the U.K. back in 2013. To help keep set up costs down, I acquired second hand equipment and gradually as my business grew, I looked to replace equipment and acquire additional equipment as services expanded. I found the right balance of quality, dealer back up (not that I’ve needed it!), and costs. With ECHO, the only time I don’t buy ECHO, is if they don’t make it. Otherwise, I buy new, and have the reassurance and confidence of the 2yr warranty for professionals. Safe in the knowledge it’ll start, and work, with no downtime.

All throughout the year, I can be doing anything from leaf blowing/vacuuming, chopping up logs, pruning/pollarding trees, cutting high branches or hedges so I need equipment I can rely on. The SRM-520, is an absolute beast for strimming with. I do many more things around the garden, as well as swimming pool maintenance  so I need a variety of tools to undertake these jobs. Later this year, I plan on buying a smaller, lighter strimmer, ECHO of course, to complement my tool range.

I recently purchased the HCR-185ES and here are my thoughts.

The HCR-185ES hedgecutter is very easy to maintain with 2 grease lugs/nipples and the blades are really easy to adjust. The rotating handles allows for easier use, I found it kinder to the wrist and the sweeping action is much more comfortable than a fixed handle. This is a great feature! This is actually one of the reasons I purchased this hedgetrimmer. The length, although slightly heavier, the extra length actually speeds up the job. It also allows me to reach higher up the sides of hedges -before I had to switch to my ECHO PAS multi-tool system with hedge cutter attachment. Another great benefit of this hedgecutter is the extra length of the bar also allows you to safely reach further across the tops of hedges, additionally the extra length allows for straighter lines. I firmly believe that a well cut hedge is like a piece of art, and something to be proud of  and this hedgecutter definitely makes this easier to achieve.

Most of my equipment is ECHO, and all of it is “ES”, I can genuinely vouch that they really are very easy to start up from cold. The HCR in addition to being “ES”, requires such little effort on the pull cord when warm, which is advantageous when up on a ladder especially if I’m working on uneven terrain. The anti-vibration system is such a blessing, unfortunately my hands can suffer from vibration fatigue, so with the anti-vibration system it allows me to work for longer periods, increasing my productivity. The anti-vibration levels was the main reason I bought it. The exhaust position is good, fumes are directed away from the user and hedges, less inhalation and less gases are harboured within the hedge.

Lastly and I mentioned this before when I wrote why I buy ECHO products; the 2yr professional warranty. For a small business owner like myself having this warranty gives me added peace of mind.

Thank you ECHO for providing quality, reliable equipment.”

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