User Voice: Nicky Croarkin

Nicky Croarkin, a recent graduate in Horticulture and Landscaping tells us about his recent experiences with ECHO tools and why the warranty gives added peace of mind in the latest issue of the ECHO blog.

“I am a gardener here in New Ross, County Wexford in Ireland. I have recently received my level 6 in horticulture and landscaping from Kildalton Agriculture College, County Kilkenny and am looking forward to putting what I’ve learnt into practice. As a graduate i use ECHO tools.

I do hedge cutting, grass cutting, and other general gardening as a hobby for family and friends. I have a great interest in garden machinery and DIY Tools and therefore decided to upgrade our machines to something more reliable.  After speaking with my local dealer, New Ross Garden Machinery, they recommended ECHO equipment because of their 2-year professional or 5-year domestic warranty. I choose them partly based on this confidence in their tools to last and they are Japanese made, so the quality is there.

In June 2018, I bought an ECHO long reach hedge trimmer, the HCA-265ES-LW. I’m very happy with this machine, it’s very economical to run, well balanced, very little vibrations and most importantly it only needs half a pull to get it started every time.

I also bought an ECHO CS-420 ES chainsaw that same day, as I was tired of going out to cut timber during the winter months and my initial saw not starting.  It’s a lovely little saw with 15” bar and it cuts most things. It has low emissions, good fuel consumption, low vibrations -it’s a nice, basic all-round saw.

We are now over a year into using the tools, I’ve not had any trouble whatsoever with my hedge trimmer. I carry out regular maintenance after use and clean the sap of the blades and frequently top up on greasing the head. As for the chainsaw, it was practically maintenance-free, however I did notice a rattle from the exhaust during late spring and brought it back to New Ross Garden Machinery and it was covered under warranty with a new part.  I was back up and running in under 48 hours. That really impressed me and is a testament to the ECHO brand.

This summer I decided to upgrade my handheld Leaf Blower to the ECHO PB-250. Nothing to complain about here, everything is perfect. It’s just so handy for blowing grass and light debris of paths. When I’m gardening, I want to ensure I leave a tidy finish and this blower achieves that.

I also bought an ECHO CS-501 SX with an 18” bar.  I’m very impressed with it so far. I haven’t used it yet for full day blocking timber but the one or two smaller jobs I’ve used it on, it has a superior cut to my previous saw of that size. I was shocked to see a De-Compression valve on it which it didn’t expect to see with it being a 50cc saw but I think it will serve me a lifetime.

The biggest thing I have noticed from been on forums and even seeing other users of two stroke machines is not using enough oil in the mix. I run all my machines on 25/1 mix and never seen pistons score yet. A little bit of extra oil does no harm, also I now use ECHO’s own brand of two stroke, this is so I can ensure that the machines will take to the long days when required and no headaches for me.

In the future I am looking at investing in more ECHO products and hopefully getting to demo one of the multi tools with lawn edger as this looks so much easier doing them manually with an edging knife.

I would like to know take this opportunity to thank ECHO for asking me to do an article for this week’s user blog. I would also like to thank New Ross Garden Machinery for the backup service and expertise knowledge they give”.

To find out more about ECHO outdoor power tools, speak to your local authorised ECHO dealer, visit or call 0800 597 7777 for more information.

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