User Voice: Ian Williams

Ian Williams, professional chainsaw carver gives his opinion on ECHO’s 50v battery chainsaw in the latest issue of the ECHO blog. This is Ian’s first carve with a battery powered chainsaw so we were interested to hear and see how he got on as he carves an owl similiar to one he carved with a petrol saw earlier that day.

“As a professional chainsaw carver, I rely on my tools 24/7. I’ve been using petrol powered chainsaws for the duration of my career however I’ve been aware of how far battery technology has come in terms of it being a viable contender to petrol. Having read the benefits of using battery, I have been looking to purchase a battery powered chainsaw for detail carving work.

I have been researching the internet etc with regards to battery saws available on the market with specific emphasis on battery life, working duration with a small gauge chain and the recharge time to full capacity.

I was given the opportunity to try the 50v ECHO battery powered chainsaw, the DCS-1600 and compare it to a similar petrol sized saw to achieve a similar carving so I can make a like-for-like comparison.

I was impressed by the initial unboxing of the saw, whilst there is weight from the battery, the saw is well balanced when holding it. Weight is very important as I carve for substantial periods at a time.  I carved an owl of about 16 inches in height as I had cut the same sized owl using a fuel powered saw earlier that day.  There’s no pull cord to start, this confused me at first as I’m so used to performing this action to get the saw going; instead I pressed the on button followed by squeezing the trigger and it came alive instantly – it was very responsive which surprised me. The initial cuts to block out this small owl were made very easily with this saw, no vibration, less noise from the powerhead and equal cutting power to a similar petrol version. The saw stops immediately when the trigger is released, giving the user confidence in control. I found the saw easy to manoeuvre through the carving cuts and the moves were easy and comparable with petrol saws I’ve used. I completed the owl carve in 20 mins and there was still battery power remaining. I am sure that the charge time with two batteries would allow for continued use of this saw.

The immediate benefits of the battery saw are low noise, low running costs combined with easy use. I can see the benefit of this saw at shows where your audience wants to watch the carving but is restricted by the noise of a petrol saw affecting their enjoyment. This saw will also be useful at shows because of the simplicity of turning it on/off, especially when I have potential customers wanting to talk to me and I can’t hear them over the running engine.

I was very impressed with the DCS-1600 50v lithium ion ECHO battery powered chainsaw, part of the 50v series of tools. I can see myself purchasing a battery powered chainsaw for the shows during the 2019 summer season due to the many benefits battery powered technology offers”.

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