User Voice: Tom Duchesne

Tom Duchesne, proprietor of Top Garden Services reviews the ECHO SRM-3020TESL brushcutter in the latest edition of the ECHO blog.

As the owner of Top Garden Services, I have used many brushcutters from various manufacturers over the years. As a business owner doing commercial and domestic grounds maintenance; ranging from your micro postage stamp garden right up to schools and everything in between, I need equipment that will tackle the demands of the job head on. If they have grass, we’ll cut it.

Over the last year I have been wanting to come away from a tried and tested outdoor power equipment brand for several reasons. The main things I’ve been looking for is a brand with good dealer support and a good warranty as I run multiple crews and when a machine is down, it’s costing me money. I was given the chance to demo an ECHO brushcutter, the SRM-3020TESL through one of my dealers at Tomlinson Groundcare that I have a great relationship with. I must admit that I’ve never really liked the look of ECHO products and always favoured a competitor brand, however the 2-year warranty on its professional tools appealed to me, plus I have the added confidence in my local ECHO dealer.

I have been using the new ECHO SRM-3020TESL for the last six months, racking up nearly 600 hours of use. After the first week, I did struggle with the initial set up.  However, I have to say this is now my go-to strimmer now, replacing my usual go-to brand. Once I swapped the v shape loop handle for the D shape we were in business and I started to see what all the fuss is about with ECHO.

One of my favourite parts is the Speed feed head. It’s easy to reload and makes life so much easier when training staff how to put cord in the head.  It’s easy to use due to being so light but has the power to go up against much bigger strimmer’s without it bogging down in long grass.  I also like how light weight it is and if I ever get stuck with having to use my previous trimmer, I instantly feel the difference in weight between the two machines. I can’t believe how much heavier they are, and the balance is all wrong. As of yet we haven’t even used the warranty, which was a massive plus for us as we’ve not had one break down yet. It just keeps on going. Wish I could say the same for other brands.

All in all, after this demo of the SRM-3020TESL we will be swapping out all our brushcutters over to ECHO and I am now very receptive to trying other ECHO products.

To find out more about ECHO outdoor power tools, speak to your local authorised ECHO dealer, visit or call 0800 597 7777 for more information.