User Voice: Kevin Prince

Kevin Prince, owner of Kingsman Gardens, a Garden and Grounds Maintenance company based in Southport talks to ECHO about what he’s looking for in professional outdoor power tools and his thoughts on the new ECHO equipment he recently purchased in the latest edition of User Voice.

As a grounds and garden maintenance business owner and a user of outdoor power equipment I not only look for good, solid products, I also look for reliability regardless of the brand. I’m fortunate that the ECHO equipment I have purchased over the years has both the build quality and the reliability. We are happy to shout about this as we have an ECHO HCR-171ES hedgetrimmer, an ECHO PB-500 power blower and an SRM-410ES brushcutter all dating back to at least 2009. These machines are still working and have had very little servicing requirements due to them being initially purchased as backup tools, however they have had heavy usage and have outlasted competitor products by at least 5 years. I’m not saying other brands won’t last long; however, I feel the build quality and engines don’t seem to be as effective as they once were. We’re currently in the position of needing new equipment and again we looked at various brands and weighed up cost, servicing, warranty and performance. After the testing began… ECHO won!

We purchased the following products; the CS-620SX, the PB-770 and the PAS-2620ES and here is my User Voice.

The ECHO CS-620SX is a machine I find hard to pair with another. This chainsaw is not only efficient on fuel but its weight when using for long periods, is very manageable. Even better, the performance is unreal. It will shock you the first time you use it. From the power right down to the lack of vibration, I couldn’t recommend this chainsaw enough for any professional out there. To change from a 18″, 24″ and 28″ bar and chain is quick and easy and still packs the punch you need to take down some of the biggest trees and logs required. Solid build quality, low vibration and power when needed without any wait time. Easy filter change and solid caps and seals you’d expect from a professional chainsaw for a professional job. Very impressed with this saw!

We also invested in another new backpack blower. The ECHO PB-770.
Wow, what can I say?! It’s lightweight, especially for the size and power this machine produces.
We used a competitor blower and the ECHO PB-500. I wasn’t expecting too much extra, boy was I surprised. The power this blower kicks out will rival the strongest winds in autumn time so you can get leaves and even heavy lines in the grass out with ease, I’m not joking! I tried and it picks up the heaviest of dirt in grass. You rarely need to use the full power of this machine due to its ease of use. The backpack itself is lightweight, very soft on the back due to its fantastic straps and the cushioning from the back of the blower. User Voice wise, this has two advantages; it’s more comfortable and you feel very little vibration which is great after prolonged use. You don’t know you’ve even had it on your back, it’s that ergonomic. There’s also less feedback on your arms and body overall compared to a top end handheld blower with low vibration. We also run these regularly and it’s one of the things our staff complain about. They all love the new PB-770, so much so they now fight over it when on larger jobs.

Kingsman Gardens Limited have also invested in a new multi-tool, the PAS-2620ES. One of 3 we’re wanting to purchase over the next 12 months to increase our kit availability but also drives down our running costs and down time. Down time due to failure of equipment not only puts us back but also affects how our customers see us and trust in the professional service we offer. They know we invest and test new equipment and even comment on the speed of jobs depending on the equipment used. Our ECHO PAS-2620ES is a machine that never lets us down. The fuel efficiency is amazing. We’ve noticed how low the vibration levels are which is great when we’re using the hedge trimmer attachment for long periods of time. The hedgecutter attachment is faster to attach and adjust due to its pinch and move system. We personally find them lighter to use too. We use the ECHO PAS-2620ES engine with their edging tool, brushcutter, strimmer and brush tool on a number of jobs, this machine is so versatile! We’ve had such a success with it we have bought all the attachments and the additional engine to replace our other stock with which we are now phasing out.

We have many other bits of kit including the ECHO-360TES, top-handle chainsaw. We use ECHO full time now because we feel that they are the best tools for the professional service we carry out.

To find out more about ECHO outdoor power tools or to read more from ECHO User Voice, speak to your local authorised ECHO dealer, visit or call 0800 597 7777 for more information.