ECHO take on autumn with the DPB-600 power blower

You’re looking for a Lithium Ion power blower alternative but are concerned whether you will get the power you need. You like the idea of a quiet start to the day and being able to just flick a switch and begin blowing the autumn leaves into a neat pile for collection. No starter rope to pull, no two-stroke fuel to fill and store and no emissions. Then why not start with a look at the ECHO DPB-600 power blower which is part of ECHO’s 50V Lithium Ion battery series? Like every product ECHO designs and manufactures it is built with a selection of features which consider the environment it will be used in and operator productivity. This is petrol performance from a battery product.

There, it has been said and it’s true you get professional-grade quality with the DPB-600 built to the same professional standards as ECHO’s petrol power blowers. It’s powerful, tough, durable and built to last, whether it’s being used by a professional or the keen gardener. The DPB-600 is small and lightweight but it packs a punch when it comes to clearing large areas of fallen leaves. With its low noise it’s ideally suited to use in noise sensitive areas, perfect around schools and nursing homes or just around the garden. Low emissions really do mean it can be used in low emission areas such as parks, nature reserves or organic gardens. Because it has fewer working parts it’s low maintenance and it’s clean, easy to use and store.

Now for the technical bit. The versatile 50V Lithium Ion 4Ah battery which comes as standard on the DPB-600, can be used with other ECHO 50V battery products, so you can switch them around depending on what job you are doing. The DPB-600 features a robust brushless motor which is long lasting and maintenance free due to non-wearing parts – helping to reduce downtime and servicing costs. It has intelligent energy efficient motor controls which manage the motor speed, power delivery and battery temperature for improved performance and battery life. And the fan on the DPB-600 is protected by a unique meshed cover design, which prevents the entry of debris and damage to the fan. You’ll find it easy and comfortable to use, with the neat feature of a throttle with cruise control and rubber over-mould grip. The blowing power, precision and run time are all optimised with variable speed control. And how long does it take to charge the battery? The DPB-600 comes with a rapid charger which helps to reduce down time, charging the 4Ah battery to 80% in 48 mins and 100% in 88mins.

The five-year domestic warranty shows that ECHO are extremely confident in their machines. This confidence continues with a two-year warranty on all ECHO 50V Lithium Ion batteries. Find out more from your local authorised ECHO dealer, or call 0800 597 7777 for more information.