Higher power, lower weight – introducing the new ECHO CS- 4510ES

The new ECHO CS-4510ES sets a benchmark for rear handle chainsaws. It packs a real punch with its 45cc two-stroke stratified scavenging engine and the power-to-weight ratio makes it more powerful yet lighter than previous models. This is a chainsaw packed with new features but still built to exacting ECHO standards. It offers a better output of 2.3kW and yet weighs in with a dry weight of just 5.0kg.

Lift the CS-4510ES and you immediately feel how light it is. Start cutting logs or use it for felling small trees and you realise it is no ordinary chainsaw. It’s been designed by engineers who understand what the operator needs in terms of performance, durability and ergonomics. The Stage II emission compliant engine is one of ECHO’s new engine platforms. The two-stroke has a piston operated scavenging system in which a layer of fuel-free air is created between the burnt charge in the combustion chamber and the fresh charge in the crankcase. The buffer reduces the fuel laden losses during the cycle.

This translates into a chainsaw that generates more torque to cut faster and more efficiently through harder wood. Add in features such as the new air filter design which shields the engine from dust intake, the drop-out prevention nuts, translucent fuel tank, and the ES Easy Start system, and it’s easy to see why this very different looking chainsaw is going to be much in demand with a wide range of users.

The ECHO CS-4510ES is a machine that not only increases productivity and reduces downtime in maintenance, it also comes with a two-year professional warranty or five-year domestic warranty.

For further details about what this saw can do visit our dedicated product page , call 0800 597 7777 or speak to a member of staff at your local ECHO dealer .