User Voice – Garry Turler

Garry Turler, professional chainsaw carver at Wildboar Carvings discusses why he uses ECHO saws for chainsaw carving and the range of ECHO saws in his carving arsenal in the latest edition of the ECHO blog.

“I’ve been using ECHO chainsaws since 2011 and using them for carving for the last 4 years. I’ve been very impressed with their reliability. It doesn’t matter if I’m at the barn working on a commission, demonstrating or in a competition, I can rely on these saws to start when I need them to. This is critical because my saws are my livelihood.

I use a range of ECHO saws ranging from the CS-281WES right up to the larger CS-680sx depending on how large my commission is, what stage in the carving process I am at and the level of detail I need to achieve. The CS-281WES is a detail saw, it’s very lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, making it easy to produce fine detail over prolonged periods without feeling tired. I often carve for hours at a time so I need saws that don’t fatigue me and ECHO saws have a great power to weight ratio. See Garry’s video below to see the level of detail he can achieve with his ECHO saws.

The same can be said for the ECHO CS-361WES, only slightly bigger and heavier but with more power, making it a very versatile saw for both roughing out and detailing chainsaw carving.

The CS-501sx is a great midrange saw, again powerful and lightweight. I personally like to run 14” and 16” bars on this saw but it is certainly capable of running bigger.

The ECHO CS-680 is a very powerful saw, capable of running a variety of bar lengths. I run various bars on the saw ranging from 18” to 28”, for various tasks, from blocking out carvings to milling, and this saw does not hold back.

Chainsaws are the main tool of my trade and I need saws that are reliable. ECHO saws certainly fall into this category and if need support, spares etc I have a great local dealer near me.  Jenkins Garden Machinery are always very helpful and easy to get parts from if needed.

I would definitely recommend ECHO saws for people interested in chainsaw carving and professionals already established. Not only are the products professional grade quality, ECHO also offers a two-year professional warranty -which of professionals like me is an added bonus”.

To find out more about ECHO outdoor power tools, speak to your local authorised ECHO dealer, visit or call 0800 597 7777 for more information.