Introducing the “Smallbeast”

The CS-2511WES chainsaw is coming! Good news for all you chainsaw fans out there! The CS-2511TES petrol chainsaw quickly rose to be regarded as the best top handle chainsaw on the market. This was in large due to its extraordinary power to weight ratio – just 2.3kg with an output of 1.11kW. Professional arborists around the world have been increasing their productivity with a chainsaw that is lighter and allows greater maneuverability than anything else on the market.

Jan Maes, Technical Product Developer for ECHO showcases some of the features and benefits of the new, highly anticipated CS-2511WES rear-handle chainsaw.

The CS-2511WES chainsaw, nicknamed the “smallbeast” is a rear handle chainsaw that retains the same ergonomics and benefits of the CS-2511TES but with a few updated features. Its ultra compact size and precision make it ideal for trimming, pruning, wood carving and off-ground work.

If you are a chainsaw carver, forestry school teacher or leader, gardener, landscaper or farmer or if you require a light weight, all-round chainsaw to carry out your day-to-day work, then this is a chainsaw to consider.

Watch this short film to find out more about the features that make the “small beast” a game changer for the rear handle chainsaw market.

Launching September 2019, register your interest via your local ECHO dealer.

To register your interest in the CS-2511WES, please contact your local ECHO dealer, click here to find your nearest dealer.