USER VOICE – Chris Burrows

Chris Burrows, owner of Burrows landscaping in Exeter talks about converting to ECHO outdoor power equipment in the latest issue of the ECHO blog.

“Burrows landscaping is a small family run landscaping business. A large part of the winter work we do includes looking after customer’s woodland and hedge laying and therefore I need saws that make light work of tree felling and cutting through dense material.

I’m quite happy to admit I’ve been a big fan of a competitor brand through and through but in more recent years I’ve been drawn away to other brands offering better reliability, longer warranty for commercial users and a better price. As a small business owner, reliability and a strong warranty are critical to my business.

I bought our first ECHO saw last year, choosing the punchy ECHO CS-620SX to tackle some of our larger works and I was not disappointed by the performance and handling of the saw.  It has been in constant use this winter for felling and logging.

At the end of February, a saw I frequently used gave up on me whilst I was out hedge laying, I decided to look at alternative manufacturers and my local dealer (Dean Vanstone from T&D Garden Machinery) supplied us with the ECHO CS-390ESX.  This saw has really proven itself to be a great saw for hedge laying, it’s small enough to handle in tight spots but has enough power to take on larger trees. This is an excellent small saw! Based on my experiences so far, I will be looking to converting to ECHO by taking another two saws and replacing our older saws.

We are looking at other ECHO outdoor power tool options including multi tools with our local ECHO dealers, as we’ve been so impressed with the saws.

To summarise the CS-390ESX is an all-round excellent product and aimed at commercial users like myself. ECHO products come with a 2-year professional warranty which is important. We look forward to having more ECHO tools in our arsenal”.

To find out more about ECHO outdoor power tools, speak to your local authorised ECHO dealer, visit or call 0800 597 7777 for more information.