Carving out my career with ECHO saws

Mike Jones, owner of Man and his Dog carvings discusses how ECHO chainsaws have helped him to carve out a successful carving career in the latest edition of the ECHO blog.

“I started as a tree surgeon at the age of 16 while at college studying arboriculture, and continued to work as a tree surgeon for a few years while spending some time teaching myself how to carve. In 2015 I wanted to be able to focus on my carving, so I decided to start my own business Man and His Dog Carvings. Initially gaining work through word of mouth referrals and continuing to do tree surgery here and there. I then started to focus on my Facebook page, website and Instagram to gain a larger following and new interest for work. Taking on a few larger clients my portfolio grew and over time my carvings improved, fast forward 5 years and I now run the business full time mainly through commissions.

I have been lucky enough to have worked for various councils, businesses and private clients that have allowed me to create carvings for them and has given me the creative free reign to try new ideas and expand my knowledge. This year I am fortunate enough to be fully booked until April 2021 and I’m also looking forward to attending various shows with Quintessentially British Events and will be carving for them and thousands of spectators per show alongside other talented carvers.

I’ve been using ECHO for my choice of chainsaw, ever since they brought out the first CS-260TES, which at the time was way ahead of any other competitor for weight, power and reliability. In my eyes they’ve only continued to stay ahead of the game for carving saws, even now with their latest rear-handle chainsaw, the CS-2511WES, is the lightest and most powerful in its class and in my professional opinion is the perfect detailing saw. I could happily spend all day working with this saw!

I chose ECHO because not only are they the lightest, most powerful and reliable chainsaws I have used, they’re also priced fairly with servicing parts being easily available too. ECHO also considers the little things in their range such as the small rest on the handle for your trigger hand, which is so subtle but makes a huge difference in comfort. Using the pull start handle for opening the fuel tanks if they’ve been over tightened and just the general low vibrations when using any saw in their range which will make a huge difference to my career in the future.

ECHO considers the operator and this is why they’re my go-to brand for making my sculptures, my current kit includes: 2x CS-361WES one with a sugihara carving bar and one running a standard bar, the CS-2511WES (easily my favorite saw), the CS-280WES and the CS-2511TES and CS-260TES for my arb work.

I’m looking forward to showcasing more of my work through a series of online events this summer, I definitely want to try ECHO’s battery saws next and see if these are as good as their petrol counterparts. To see how far I have come in carving out a career in 5 years using ECHO saws, visit my facebook page at and or visit my instagram page @manandhisdogcarvings.”

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