Torque Talk – the benefits of High Torque brushcutters

Another great Facebook Live presented by Matt Wilson, UK Sales Manager. Thank you to everyone who watched and participated, we have had another excellent turnout. We had several questions asked to us by our audience about high torque brushcutters and the SRM-3020TES brushcutter range so we’ve put together a summary of the common questions asked and the answers.

Where can I buy the SRM-3020TES brushcutter you mentioned?
ECHO sell their products through authorised ECHO dealers – visit to find your nearest dealer

What configurations does the SRM-3020TES come in?
The SRM-3020TES is available with a loop handle (TESL) or a U/ cow horn handle (TESU).

How much is the SRM-3020TES?
The SRM-3020TESL is £625 inc. VAT and the SRM-3020TESU is £639 inc. VAT

What does high torque actually mean?
High torque means the unit can maintain speed under heavy loads, enabling the user to trim in one pass instead of several.

What head is on the SRM-3020TES brushcutter you demonstrated?
The head is the Speed Feed SF400 which is supplied as standard. The SF400 trimmer head ensures easy loading for reduced downtime.

What is the engine displacement size of the SRM3020TES?
It is a 30.5cc. With High Torque technology a smaller engine size can still ensure results.

What is the debris field size?
The debris shield is 50.8cm (20”) which enables a larger cutting swath for increased efficiency

Why is Torque important?
With a normal 2 stroke brushcutter, the cutting head can get bogged down when cutting thick, dense material. Engine revs drop as additional load is placed on the gearbox. Not only does this increase wear and tear on the brushcutter but productivity is also reduced not to mention growing frustration every time you have to stop cutting to lift the brushcutter out of the material to regain head momentum.

What is the fuel tank capacity?
The SRM-3020TES models have a 0.74 litres fuel tank capacity

What is the dry weight of these products?
The SRM-3020TESL is 6.0kg and the SRM-3020TESU is 6.3Kg

What are the vibration levels?
The SRM-3020TESL is 4.6m/s2 and the SRM-3020TESU is 3.2m/s2  

Are all ECHO brushcutters fitted with High Torque technology?
Not all of them. Models with the TES after them are part of the High Torque range, visit for more information on ECHO’s high torque brushcutters.

To summarise High Torque…
High Torque offers unrivalled cutting performance as the power is channelled better to the speed feed as this is what does the work.High Torque can be summed up as more efficient, more power and better performance over non- high-torque products.

Click here to watch the Torque Talk Facebook Live product presentation.

You can find out more about ECHO outdoor tools from your local authorised ECHO dealer, by visiting or calling 0800 597 7777 for more information.