Blown away by 58V battery power

It used to be said battery power was no match for two-stroke powered tools. This is no longer the case with today’s lithium-ion products, as demonstrated by ECHO outdoor power equipment. Well-known for top professional products, ECHO has introduced a range of 58V battery products which are more than a match for their two-stroke cousins.

Take the new ECHO 58V power blower, the PLB-58V2AH, with its advanced brushless motor. It has more than enough power for leaf and light debris blowing. Additional benefits include ultra-low noise, low vibration and low running costs. As a result, you have no more petrol bills, no need to store fuel and a power blower that will tackle the tough jobs yet is small, lightweight and easy to use. You simply charge and go, without fuel filling or cold starting, blowing the leaves into neat piles ready to be bagged for leaf mould or placed on the compost heap to rot down to a good mulch. What’s more, you’re also doing all this with zero emissions, which is good for you and the environment.

The motor is long lasting and maintenance-free due to non-wearing parts and is powered by the latest 58V lithium-ion 2Ah battery as standard. You have the option of a 4Ah battery if your tasks demand a longer running time but that said, the standard battery is fully charged in thirty minutes using the quick charger, minimising downtime. The batteries are interchangeable with other ECHO 58V products so you can have one battery for multiple tools.

In operation you have the benefit of variable speed control for precision blowing and to   optimise the blowing power and run time, while cruise control is there for your convenience and comfort. When you need a bit of extra power there is a turbo mode to switch you from 51.4 m/sec² to 64.8 m/sec² maximum air speed – plenty of power for most leaf and debris-blowing jobs around the garden. The ultra-low noise allows continuous operation in noise sensitive areas.

The ECHO PLB-58V2AH is a blower designed for domestic and semi-professional use and it is solidly built to ECHO’s usual professional standard. It comes with a two-year domestic or one-year warranty in professional use and the ECHO 58V batteries come with a two-year warranty. The blower is part of the ECHO 58V range which also includes a lawnmower, trimmer, hedgetrimmer and chainsaw. You can find out more from your local authorised ECHO dealer, by visiting or calling 0800 597 7777 for more information