Benefits of Battery – An ECHO introduction to battery technology

Our latest Facebook Live covered an introduction to battery technology in outdoor power equipment. Battery technology is continuously evolving as the demand for sustainable and greener technology increases. Matt Wilson presents the benefits of battery focusing on the history of battery technology and where we are today, battery uses and application and an overview of the ECHO 50v and 58v ranges. A summary of the questions we received from this FB Live event can be found below.

What’s the difference between the 58v and 50v range of products?
Both ranges use lithium-ion battery technology in the range of tools. The 50v products are aimed at the professional users market, whereas the 58v are aimed at the semi-professional and domestic market.

What is included in the 50v range?
The 50v range consists of a chainsaw (DCS-1600), power blower (DPB-600), hedgetrimmer (DHC-200), trimmer (DSRM-300) and multi-tool (DPAS-300).

What attachments does the 50v multi-tool come with?
The DPAS-300 comes with a charger and 2Ah battery only. Attachments including the trimmer, hedgecutter and power pruner are sold separately.

What is the run time of the DCS-1600?
The DCS-1600 run time with the 4Ah battery is 32 min and with the Backpack battery it’s 158min (2hr 38 mins)

Does the 58v range come with a backpack battery?
No, only the 50v range does. The 58v range has a 2Ah and 4Ah battery only.

Where can I buy ECHO battery products from?
ECHO sell their products through authorised ECHO dealers – visit to find your nearest dealer.

What is included in the 58v range?
The 58v range includes a chainsaw (CS-58v4AH), power blower (PLB-58V2AH), hedgetrimmer (HT-58V2AH), trimmer (DST-58V2AH) and lawn mower (LM-58v2AH)

What is the warranty on ECHO battery products?
The 50v tool system has a 5 year domestic or 2 year professional warranty whereas the 58v tools have a 2 year domestic warranty or 1 professional warranty. ECHO batteries have a 2-year warranty on them.

Is there a cost calculation I can see to help me make a decision?
Matt does a cost breakdown between petrol and battery costs (petrol pricing as of March 2019) in the FB Live video.

What are the main reasons for using battery?
There are a wide range of reasons people are deciding to adopt battery technology including environmental, cost, health and to overcome job restrictions such as the requirement for low noise/ no fuel emissions.

Click here to watch the Benefits of Battery Facebook Live.

You can find out more about ECHO outdoor tools from your local authorised ECHO dealer, by visiting or calling 0800 597 7777 for more information.