User Voice: David Leahy -Northern Ireland

David Leahy, arborist and gardening maintenance professional from Northern Ireland tells us about his experiences with his first ECHO saw after using alternative manufacturers during his career.

“As a professional who splits my time between gardening and doing arborist work, I need equipment I can rely on. I came across ECHO when I needed a new chainsaw and didn’t want to use my current provider as I was getting increasingly fed up with the poor quality.

From the first moment, I picked up the ECHO CS-352ES chainsaw I couldn’t believe how light it was. I’ve been using my ECHO saw now for two months and I wish I had purchased ECHO saws years ago. It has all the power I need when I’m working at height and on the ground for that matter. The weight or lack of it will make such a difference to me on my climbs and prunes. As an arborist, my team and I need a saw that can be hung off our harnesses as we climb, it’s profile needs to be slim to fit through branches as we climb without getting wedged, it needs to be light weight so as to not fatigue us, and it needs to be powerful enough to cover every aspect of the job we are in the tree doing. The CS-352ES ticks all these boxes and is perfect for the arborist jobs we take on.

It’s truly a fantastic saw, I’m blown away by how light yet mighty it is. I will be investing in a larger ECHO saw next year for felling. I have that much confidence in the ECHO brand, I won’t be buying other brands again. I am proud to say I own one and am now team ECHO!”

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