User Voice: Mark Davies

As a professional tree arborist and forester with many years of experience in the arborist and forestry industry, I need equipment I can rely on to work as hard as I do. I’m using my saws for long periods of time most days, so performance and comfort are as equally important. The nature of my work means I am in large forest areas, off the beaten track, getting the job done so downtime is not good for my business or reputation. When purchasing saws, build quality is very important as they need to withstand what I throw at it – I can’t have a saw that constantly needs to go back to the dealer for repair. I was in the market for a new, lightweight chainsaw specifically for felling and tree work so I decided to give the CS-501SX a try.

I’ve been testing ECHO’s CS-501SX in the forest for just over a week in different terrains and different conditions. Having been in the forest game for several years cutting and felling trees, sneadding and limbing, I know what my saws need to be capable of.  Throughout the years, I’ve used all brands of chainsaws from the bigger to the smaller players in the field and was given the opportunity to test the ECHO CS-501SX.  I must say my first impressions were very positive. The first thing I noticed was how light it was.  This saw holds its own against all the other similar sized, professional saws on the market. I still can’t believe how light it is.

The saw came with 2 bars, one 16 and one 18 inch and I already had a 15-inch bar. Personally, I thought the 18-inch bar was a little much for this saw, it does cut well with it but in the forest the smaller bars were better. I would stick with the 15- or 16-inch bar for optimum results.  The saw felt a little tight on its first use, but after a few tanks it really started to free up and come into its own. The performance was excellent, and it was faultless, it starts first time, every time. The vibration levels from the saw are minimal so I would feel comfortable using it for long periods of time and the chain I was using was a full chisel Oregon lpx chain and it cut through timber like a knife through butter, so zippy.

I take my hat off to ECHO, they have yet again produced a fantastic saw. I currently own an ECHO CS-620SX, a larger saw and a couple of larger competitor saws and when it comes to cutting and sneadding medium size timber, I pick up the ECHO CS-501sx every time because I know it’s not going to give me any problems. I can use it all day. I just want to say thanks to ECHO UK for the demo of it. I didn’t want to give it back, so I went out and bought the CS-501SX to add to my arsenal. I appreciate being given the opportunity to try it out in a professional environment and hope to try more demo equipment from ECHO that no doubt I’ll end up purchasing!

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