A chainsaw for all seasons – why I use the CS-390ESX

Dorset Hedgelayer, Russell Woodham has been working as a contract Hedgelayer in South West UK for 20 years, along with working his craft in France.  The winter months bring regional and national competitions with Russell winning many trophies and awards. The most prestigious so far being twice the Dorset Class Champion at the annual National Hedgelaying Society championships. The 2018 championships, held in Cambridgeshire and featuring on BBC Countryfile showed some lovely shots of Russell using his ECHO CS-390ESX.

The extremes of British winter weather mean Russell needs a chainsaw that can operate in all conditions from being hot and sunny one day, to bitter cold minus temperatures, winds and rain the next, and everything else in between. The mixed weather months of September  to March is the main season for Hedgelaying, so to be able to just get on site, grab the saw and go is a must.

“I had been with other manufactures for quite a while, but when I was in need of a new saw I began doing my research, checking reviews and the specifications of various saws that would meet my needs.

Like many, I had heard of ECHO and knew they had been around for quite some time but hadn’t had any experience of using their kit. A fellow Hedgelayer & good friend had taken the plunge and gone for an Echo , so I got ongoing reviews from him and was impressed by his reports and the ECHO CS-390ESX  sounded just what I needed.

The weight is good for all day use as well as using it to just pick up and cut the odd stem.  I have found the  fuel consumption to be great; not having to refuel as often as with other saws. I have to say,  even after I had purchased the ECHO CS-390ESX,  I did question if it was the right move.   But it hasn’t missed a beat.  I am now well into the second full season of use and continue to be very pleased to the point of now looking at another or newer model. From experience I would now recommend the ECHO CS-390ESX for commercial hedelaying and groundwork”.

Watch Russell hedgelaying with his ECHO saw at BBC Countryfile
https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0bsqhm9/countryfile-cambridgeshire shots of the saw are at 0.35- 049 seconds, 5.33 minutes s & 6.00minutes

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