World Class Outdoor Power Tools

Thousands of professional arborists, landscapers and gardeners worldwide count on ECHO®  every working day. They demand reliable and dependable tools that reduce fatigue, are comfortable to use and perform to the very highest professional standards.

At ECHO, we take pride in the fact that every tool we manufacture is built to a professional standard. That’s why every one of our tools comes with a five year warranty* in domestic use or two year warranty* for professionals. ECHO is world class technology.
*58V Battery products have a 2-year domestic or 1-year professional warranty

Accessories Spotlight

50V Rapid Charger

Provides rapid charge for ECHO’s 2Ah and 4Ah batteries.

ECHO provides a large range of accessories, attachments, consumables and PPE for its OPE ranges – professional grade and built to the same standards as all its products.

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Our Ranges


ECHO’s X Series is a range of “best-in-class” products that are industry-leading in terms of performance. Each model has specific features that are designed to help professionals perform their jobs better. Features like low weight, low noise, low vibration, increased power and longer run times contribute to getting one job done before moving on to the next. The X Series redefines standards in terms of low weight and high power, reducing fatigue while increasing productivity.

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You know that equipment designed in Japan will be reliable. Well built. Dependable. Professional. Durable. Japan is the home of technological craftsmanship and the nation has won international respect for its manufacturing expertise. This global standard also extends to the equipment we manufacture and we are proud to be counted among those companies that help Japan maintain its reputation for the quality of its engineering and technology.

The Essence of ECHO

After a hard day’s work with your ECHO tool, the only thing you need to think about is a job well done. You know next time you use it, it will start easily and will have the power and durability you need. You don’t have to think about your ECHO tool – because we already have. Our philosophy is simple – to produce professional quality products that meet the demands of the people who use them.

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Our warranty is a statement of confidence. As a professional user, you have peace of mind that any ECHO power tool you purchase comes with a two year warranty* as standard. For domestic users, a five year warranty* is offered. Homeowners want long-term durability just like the professionals – well-built product that you can buy with confidence.

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*Registration of ECHO products and servicing are necessary to validate the warranty
58V Battery products have a 2-year domestic or 1-year professional warranty

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