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The Yamabiko Corporation was formed with the merger of
Kioritz Corporation and Shindaiwa Corporation. Founded
after WWII, both companies have more than 50 years’
experience serving similar businesses. Kioritz Corporation
initially made its name manufacturing agricultural machinery
such as engine powered dusters and mist blowers. It then
expanded its business into serving the tree maintenance and
landscaping/gardening segments under the Kioritz and ECHO
brand names.

Product history 1947 Backpack power duster
Kyorisu Noki Company Ltd founded. Backpack power duster introduced
Product history 1955 DM-Series backpack blower
DM-Series backpack blower heralds a new era in pest control
Product history 1960 Kyoritsu brushcutter
First Kyoritsu brushcutter (power scythe) is developed
Product history 1963 CS-80 Chainsaw
First “ECHO” product released – the CS-80 Chainsaw
Product history 1966 Straight shaft brushcutter
New shoulder type straight shaft brushcutter introduced
Product history 1970 PB-9 power blower
PB-9 power blower revolutionises outdoor cleaning
Product history 1971 CS-302 lightweight chainsaw
Kyorisu becomes Kioritz Corporation. CS-302 – First lightweight, small professional chainsaw introduced
Product history 1981 Twin cylinder Chainsaw
Twin cylinder opposed chainsaw developed
Product history 1990 Curved Shaft Edger
Release of curved shaft power edger
Product history 1992 Shred N Vac
Introduction of Shred N Vac power blower
Product history 2000 i-start
i-start becomes available on brushcutters and sprayers
Product history 2002 Rapid Loader Trimmer Head
Rapid-Loader trimmer head is introduced
Product history 2006 Echo Bear Cat
ECHO Incorporated acquires Crary Company
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